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With these tokenomics, Miyazaki Inu will be sustainable for years to come.

Contract: 0xD5e7D22362BCC9881D06512d3189eAe79DD98d70

Total Supply:


Burn Percentage:


A Small Private Sale was done with trusted marketers and influencers to help us promote this token.

How to Buy

1. Create a Wallet (e.g. Metamask)
2. Fund your wallet with ETH
3. Connect your wallet to the Miyazaki Inu website
4. Choose your tokens
5. Click on swap

One of the utility functions for Miyazaki Inu is called Miyazaki Swap". This swap will be used as an exchange for different Anime Crypto tokens created in the future and allow for a range of different functions such as staking, general buying and selling, and more.

Miyazaki NFT maker

Miyazaki Inu will have its own launchpad for creators to make their own NFT collection, P2E game, or other projects with the assistance and resources Miyazaki Inu can offer. We intend to help different creators get their ideas off the ground and provide whatever help is necessary in doing so, because as a whole that improves the Crypto and NFT spaces we are in.

Miyazaki Game Hub

What we intend to create is a gaming hub for all these different NFT / P2E games. A place where people can access these games, compete with one another, or trade the game based NFTs they have. In short, think Steam for NFT / P2E games.


Phase 1

  • 2000 Holders
  • $20M Market Cap
  • First CEX Listing
  • Extensive Marketing
  • Contract Audits
  • Community Growth
  • Miyazaki Swap Beta
  • Token Partnerships

Phase 2

  • 5000 Holders
  • $50M Market Cap
  • Website V2
  • Expanding Our Team
  • Utility Ecosystem Building
  • International Marketing
  • Youtuber Collaborations
  • Miyazaki Maker Beta

Phase 3

  • 10000 Holders
  • $150M Market Cap
  • Top 10 CEX Listing
  • Metaverse Planning
  • NFT Integration
  • Further Utility Planning
  • Onboarding Game Devs
  • Miyazaki Game Hub Beta

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